On Location with Smoothie Box

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The beauty of our work in commercial and brand photography is that I don’t always get to see my work (…or share it for that matter) until it is released! 

When working with a corporate client our work begins shortly after the contract signing. From scouting the perfect location to deciding on props and clothing which compliments each brand’s unique feel. 

Sometimes our job involves finding the perfect plate or napkin and other times it’s shopping for the best, unbruised bananas.

Working with SmoothieBox is something we really enjoy for several reasons. Of course, any day that includes a smoothie is one that I look forward to.  But, it was extra fun because we got to combine our love for fun models, food photography, and food styling all into one shoot.

SmoothieBox is an organic subscription service that delivers smoothie bases straight to your door which can be customized with your favorite mix-ins.

Day one, we worked to highlight the brand’s diverse clients with a lifestyle shoot with over ten models. Then, we worked the next day on flat lay and product images. I’ve loved keeping up with @smoothiebox on Instagram and seeing our images being used. We look forward to working with SmoothieBox a lot this year. .

As always, all of us at Amy Lyn Photography had a great time sharing our behind the scenes during this shoot at @HelloAmyLyn which included the chaos that you normally never get to see.

I cannot wait to share our next adventure next week!