Sometimes I just need an outlet.  I apologize in advance…but today it’s gonna be the world wide web.  This has been one of those weeks that just isn’t shaping up as planned.  In fact it isn’t shaping up even close to what is planned.  If my week was supposed to be a perfect triangle…this one is a rounder than a circle and has spikes coming out.

We all have them.  I know we do.  And sooo many people have it so much worse than me.  But sometimes a week of a million small problems starts to weigh on one’s soul.  Don’t you think?

We’ve had an ear infection, throwing fruit loops, items on backorder, broken down car, no sleep, coffee maker broken, burnt dinner, silly fighting, bad news kind of week.  In fact, I hate to say it but much of 2011 has not been the “triangle” I had hoped for.

To be perfectly honest, when I got home tonight after my second NILMDTS session in two days, it became an eating unsweetened baker’s chocolate (the closest thing I could find to the real thing) and trying not to tear up kind of week. But when I sit back and look, I realize how lucky I am and how ridiculous I am to complain.  So, instead of sulking and pouting and eating baker’s chocolate (seriously, Amy, what’s wrong with you?!) I choose to count my blessings.

  1. My family
  2. A roof over my head
  3. Plenty of food to eat
  4. Friends that would walk through fire for me
  5. Two cars that work (almost always)
  6. My husband’s job
  7. Skype and the way it keeps us connected to far away family
  8. Forgiveness–for myself and the ability to let go and forgive others
  9. New opportunities
  10. The amazing generosity of others
  11. My sisters
  12. Playing Mario Kart with Zeke
  13. The color purple (no, not the book)
  14. My mother-in-law’s hand made quilts (perfect for chilly evenings)
  15. Photography
  16. My new storage ottoman and the box it came in (for moments like below)
  17. The ability to read
  18. The ability to walk and run and work
  19. Fun new ideas
  20. The future

I’d sincerely love to hear your list of blessings as well.  Please share.