Last week, I posted my first entry into Glimpses, a project for photographers.  Sometimes we get a bit wrapped up in taking photos for others and neglect our own family so the challenge is to share at least one photograph each week of something personal.

I am a very lucky girl.  I am one of the very few women (or men for that matter) that don’t have “in-law issues.”  I was so blessed to marry into a family that embraced me.  I love them as my own.  My husband’s sister, Karen, her husband and their son are in town visiting for a few months.  It is so wonderful having them here.  My kids adore them.  (And I kind of do too.)  Two nights ago, Karen, made all of us dinner and we had an impromptu photo session.  It was just as chaotic as it looks but I love the chaos of these.  It’s our real life.  No one’s dressed up.  Kids are desperately trying to get away.  Adults are laughing.  Half the group isn’t looking.  Yep.  Real.

But, I love these people so I love these photos.  They may kill me for posting these…but guys…you should see the one’s I didn’t post!  LOVE YOU ALL!

photocrati gallery

On another note, check out a post I wrote for the Chic Critique blog.  It deals with the importance of shooting in RAW.  (Warning: Some technical talk.) 🙂