I shouldn’t really share this.  After you finish reading, you will all know the secret that I try to keep hidden. But, to be honest, it leaks out from time to time despite my best effort.  The truth is …I am a big nerd.  I really am.  I love colored pens and new notebooks and geeky gadgets.  (Yes, I have fond memories of my Trapper Keeper.)  So as much work as brushing up for the CPP exam (a certification program for photographers that only 8% of the world’s photographers have earned) has been, some part of me kind of likes the studying again.

I am not sure what learning style this would fall under, but I can learn just about anything if I read it and take notes.  Just reading is no good.  But, if I write it down, it sticks.  So, I am filling a notebook with all the knowledge I need and working to become the best photographer I can possibly be in my own nerdy little way.

photography book open to section with printing from a negative

Think of me most nights this month as I sit reading this book, scribbling notes with my favorite pen. (And kinda liking it.)

And just in case the Trapper Keeper didn’t reveal my age, I am so thankful that my days in Art School were still film.  A portion of the exam covers developing and printing from film and if I hadn’t done it I don’t think I’d ever be able to remember all the steps!  I am working through the film chapters now (and, as you can see, taking pages of notes) but thankfully it is all coming back.